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Contact Us

Feel free to call or email [email protected] with any questions or concerns. Late afternoon and early evening are the best times to call the office.


  • A 24 hour notice is needed to refund your deposit.
  • If less than 24 hour notice we do keep the 20% deposit.
  • We do give refunds for cruise ships that do not make it to St Thomas.
  • If we cancel the dive for bad weather, we will try to reschedule the dive if possible.
  • If we can’t reschedule, we will gladly refunded your deposit.

Rain is not generally a reason to cancel your dive. If it is raining on one side of the island it can be sunny on the other side.

Clear blue water

The Water

The water is generally a beautiful turquoise blue and with a temp. ranging from 78°F in the Winter to 86°F in the Summer.

two scuba divers under water


Even in the Winter, most people do not use wetsuits. We recommend a 2-3 mm wetsuit but it all depends on personal comfort. If you would like to use one, we have them available in the dive shop to rent.

In the Summer, we recommend only a T-shirt, a lycra skin or a 2 mm shortie.

Remember that even though the weather is generally sunny here, conditions can change for short periods.

Grey clouds

Bad Weather

On rare occasions, the weather may be too stormy or the water is too rough to enjoy diving. If there is a question on the weather, just give us a call from the dock or your hotel prior to coming out.

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