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Other Useful Information

Other facts and tips for exploring St. Thomas


Driving on St Thomas is a little different from driving in other places. Please remember to drive on the Left side of the road. Drive slowly and with patience. Islanders tend to stop to let other cars make turns or to drop-off/pick-up passengers. Be patient with other drivers on the road, and they will be patient with you. We are located just passed Coki Beach, on the left-hand side as you enter Coral World parking lot. Island maps are available for Free in most places. GPS can be spotty so getting a paper map as a backup is a good idea. We are located on the northeast side of the island.

Taxi Information

There is a taxi stand nearby each dock. Let the driver know you’d like to be dropped off at Coral World, just after Coki Beach. We are located on the left-hand side as you enter Coral World’s parking lot. If you are coming out to rent snorkel gear (we rent scuba quality gear) reservations are not needed. Our shop is not on the beach with the other beach vendors, but alone in the Coral World parking lot adjacent to Coki Beach. Licensed taxi vehicles are labeled with:

  • A taxi placard or dome light on the roof and often a placard on the dash plus license plates that indicate Taxi status.
  • On Duty/Off Duty sign in the window of the vehicle and a sign usually on the fender, indicating passenger capacity.
  • The driver’s personal identification/taxi license should be on the vehicle’s dashboard.

There are drivers that run “gypsy taxis” in their personal vehicles. They do not adhere to the rules of the taxi commission use at your own risk. They are often located outside bars and grocery stores, where licensed taxis won’t bother to solicit. Although rates are standardized it is recommended that you speak to the driver and agree to your total rate (for you, your group, your luggage) before boarding the taxi.

Money & Valuables

Carry small amounts of money in small denominations. Most businesses at the beach cannot cash $100 bills, especially cab drivers. Beach vendors do not take traveler checks or credit cards. If you are arriving by ship leave your passport on the ship. You will need just one photo ID, with your boarding pass to access back onto your ship. We rent lockers for $5 and have a secure area for larger dive bags. (We accept credit cards – there are no ATM machines at Coral World or close by).

The Weather

St. Thomas’s weather ranges from the low 80s in January and February, to the low 90s in July and August. In the winter the air temperatures can get a bit cool, so think about a light sweat shirt or wind breaker for when you exit the water especially on boat dives.

From June to October, our weather is dominated by the easterly trade winds and weather out of Africa bringing an occasional tropical weather front. From November to May, our weather is periodically affected by cold fronts passing south through Florida bringing rough seas and rain briefly for a day or two.

Clear blue water

The Water

The water is generally a beautiful turquoise blue and with a temperature ranging from 78°F in the winter to 86°F in the summer.

two scuba divers under water


Even in the winter, most people do not use wetsuits. We recommend a 2-3 mm wetsuit but it all depends on personal comfort. If you would like to use one, we have them available in the dive shop to rent.

In the summer, we recommend only a t-shirt, a lycra skin or a 2 mm shortie.

Remember that even though the weather is generally sunny here, conditions can change for short periods.

Grey clouds

Bad Weather

On rare occasions, the weather may be too stormy or the water is too rough to enjoy diving. If there is a question on the weather, just give us a call from the dock or your hotel prior to coming out.